Consultation Highly Recommended Considering That You Will be a Non-Resident Investor in the U.S.A. (Business Structures will formulated based on your specific needs).

From Australia to U.S. and U.S. to Australia.

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Incorporator is the person who initiates the entity formation process.
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Step 4: Shareholders / Members

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  Total % of Ownership     100%

Step 5: Banking

These are the individuals / other companies with ownership in your company.
Do you need a USA Bank Account?:  $600
  USD Bank Account
We will them help you with filling out and submitting applications for new account opening and follow up with the various banks until you get your account opened.

Step 6: Operating Agreement

 Request Operating Agreement Price Varies by State, specifications in the agreement and Lawyer involved

Step 7: Payment

Incorporation ( What am I Getting ): $1,350
State Filing Fees:

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Registered Agent – Biz Filings
Under USA law, each company must have a resident agent approved by the State of Incorporation and receive all legal and formal documents on behalf of the company. Failing to retain resident agent will result in revoking your US company registration.

Registered Agent     Biz Filings

  US CPAs In Australia for Tax Advice will advise you on USA Taxes and how it affects your Australia tax  position. how to minimize them and will guide you through all the Tax filing requirements that your company is liable for. This will really give you peace of mind and the ability to focus on the business knowing that you are always in compliance with the US law.